Dogs have a chance against cancer with advanced care and financial support

October 09, 2017

Seattle, Oct. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Veterinary oncology is giving dogs a chance when faced with a cancer diagnosis, and medical insurance for pets is helping pet owners manage the financial impact associated with this advanced care. Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, has seen an increase in cancer-related claims as treatment options become more accessible. Since January 2017, the Trupanion policy has paid over $6 million in cancer-related claims for dogs alone.

Many cancer treatments available to humans are also being used to treat pets. This includes immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other therapies. Veterinary oncologists specialize in cutting-edge treatments to give pets the best quality of life when faced with a cancer diagnosis. But these advanced treatments come at a cost.

Deanna P., a veterinary technician in Seekonk, Massachusetts, experienced this firsthand when her German Shepherd, Kendra, developed anal gland adenocarcinoma. Kendra’s treatment involved surgeries, medication, chemotherapy, radiation, ultrasounds, imaging, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, supplements, physical therapy, and eventually hospice care—totaling almost $50,000. “In this time of state-of-the-art medical advancement in the health management and care of our pets, for me, pet medical insurance is just as mandatory as microchipping and routine veterinary care,” Deanna said.

The decision to move forward with cancer treatment for a pet can be significantly influenced by the financial burden that comes with some treatment options. Medical insurance for cats and dogs helps remove that burden so owners can make the best decision for their pet regardless of cost.

When Lori G. of Groton, Connecticut, found out her Golden Retriever, Kelly, had soft tissue sarcoma, she was faced with a tough choice. Kelly was just 5 years old, happy and otherwise healthy. “The doctors at Vet Cancer Center recommended an aggressive treatment plan due to the advanced stage of the tumor,” Lori said. “I was at the point where I had to make the hard decision. Do I move forward? Do I put Kelly though this? How will her quality of life be affected? What is the prognosis?”

Lori decided to move forward with Kelly’s treatment. “Because of Trupanion, I didn’t have to address the biggest deciding factor that most people face—can I afford this?” Lori said. “The cost of the treatment was never a factor in my decision-making process.” Her insurance covered over $18,000 in veterinary expenses.

Veterinary oncology is more accessible now than ever, and medical insurance for pets can help cover the cost of these treatments, allowing pet owners to focus on their pet and not worry about finances. This coverage can give pet owners more accessible and advanced treatment options to help improve a pet’s quality of life, without creating a financial burden during an already difficult time.

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