Medical insurance for pets helps give pet owners peace of mind during the holidays

December 12, 2017

Seattle, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones, including our pets. The last thing a pet owner expects around the holidays is for their pet to have a surprise injury or illness. But they do happen. Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, sees a 7% increase of accidents and injuries in December over other months of the year.

When faced with a holiday emergency, many pet owners can now rely on medical insurance for pets to help give them financial support and peace of mind when they need it most.

Coverage for the Unexpected During the Holiday Season

Pet owners Rosi and Julian of Calgary, Alberta found a mass on their dog’s leg just before Christmas Eve. Thankfully, Sasha, their Great Dane, was enrolled with a Trupanion policy.

“We initially thought she was injured from a fall, but after a series of tests, she was diagnosed with cancer,” said Julian. “It was devastating, not only because we might lose our dog so soon but also due to the high financial and emotional costs related to cancer treatment.”

After running diagnostics, the family scheduled Sasha for surgery to amputate the leg. “A few days after surgery, like a story from a drama film, we had to return to the emergency room. Her stomach twisted. It seems like every bad thing that could happen to a dog happened to Sasha in just weeks.”

Sasha’s family was thankful to have insurance, which covered over $13,000 in veterinary expenses. “Trupanion made all the difference not only in Sasha’s life but in ours too. Getting the policy with Trupanion has been one the smartest financial decisions we ever made.”

Support When You Need It Most

Financial support around the holidays can be crucial for a family. It’s also important that a provider is available when a pet owner needs them—even if it’s on a holiday. In December 2016, the Trupanion policy covered over $1.56 million in claims.

John and Kelly C. of Seymour, Connecticut, had to act fast when their puppy, Charlie, woke up lethargic and vomiting the day after Christmas. They rushed him to a nearby 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic and after x-rays and an ultrasound, found that a foreign object—a piece of a dog toy— was lodged in his intestines.

“Shortly after Charlie’s diagnosis, I called Trupanion and the customer service representative was wonderful,” Kelly said. “He answered all of my questions and was very understanding and patient as I was, as you can imagine, worried and upset about Charlie.”

Finding a provider with 24/7 support can be a key factor in giving pets the best veterinary care in the middle of the night or on a holiday – you never know when an emergency may occur.

Medical insurance for pets can help provide peace of mind in case of emergencies, help cover the costs of unexpected veterinary care, and make the holiday season a little brighter.

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