Why Trupanion

At Trupanion, we're on a mission to help loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets.

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15%+ for 66 quarters in a row(1) (2)


1,708,000 total enrolled pets(1)


98.58% retention rate(1) (3)


$2B in veterinary invoices(1)

Pet owners in North America spend over $62 billion caring for their 180 million dogs and cats each year, and those numbers continue to climb. However, pet owners are faced with tough decisions when their pet becomes unexpectedly sick or injured. They stress over budgeting and planning to account for financial burdens of veterinary care. At Trupanion, we understand both the pet owner’s point of view and veterinarian’s perspective in this situation. We’re here to help pet owners afford the best veterinary care possible for their pets which helps veterinarians provide the best care possible to pets.

Over the past 20 years, Trupanion has lead the creation of this new category of medical insurance for cats and dogs in North America. With our Territory Partner network and an unmatched North American footprint, we are redefining the pet insurance landscape. Our differentiated business model is resilient and consistently delivers strong recurring revenues. By continuing to relentlessly execute on our strategy, we are confident that we will have continued growth for decades to come.

(1) As of March 31, 2024
(2) On a constant currency basis
(3) Calculated on a trailing three-year basis

Highly Predictable Subscription Model

Meet Pets Covered by Trupanion

Charlie: When this French Bulldog in Calgary, AB fell 35 feet from a roof top patio, Trupanion was there to help pay over $4,800 toward treatment the pup needed to get back up on all four paws.

Astro: When this young pup in Boston broke his front right radius, Trupanion paid over $2,200 to help him get a small plate and 2 screws in his little front leg.

Hugo: When this Chocolate Labrador in Seattle was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Trupanion was there by his side. We were there again when he fractured his elbow. In total Trupanion paid over $13,400 toward surgeries and cancer treatments to help Hugo recover.

Neville: When this young three-year-old cat suddenly developed a urinary blockage and needed hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit, Trupanion was there to pick up the bill and paid over $7,300 to help cover Neville’s hospital visits, treatments and medications.